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DioNicEss Digs Up a Zombie Beer Dinner at Beachwood BBQ

Brains! And beer!
Brains! And beer! Photo: Dionicess

For everyone who’s more into jack-o-lanterns than jingle bells, DioNicEss is putting a dose of horror into your holiday season. On December 9, the beer-pairing pros present “DieN’Isis: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Dinner Workshop” at Long Beach’s Beachwood BBQ. Rule #1 in Zombieland should be to skip the suds and run to safety, but this installment of the food and drink series turns diners into stupefied, flesh-eating lunatics, not survivors. Beachwood chef Gabriel Gordon is cooking a five-course offal feast, with dishes like a trio of brains, a “Reanimation” course with something along the lines of a live octopus, and a final course called “Skeletal Remains.”

Ales will include necro-related brews from Monkish, Phantom Carriage, TAPS, The Bruery, Eagle Rock, and Beachwood. While you gnash your teeth on some helpless protein, DioNicEss founder Gev Kazanchyan, a public health professor, may have some colleagues on hand, like a neuroscientist and forensics expert, to discuss zombification and how to survive the zombie apocalypse (coming December 21 to a town near you!).

Besides the joys of sheer punnery, the company taking the mantle “DieN’Isis” for the night to honor the Egyptian goddess of reincarnation. See the full line-up of courses below and get your $80 tickets online.

The Program:

· The cause (are you a slow runner?)

· Death (it happens to even the best of us)

· Decomposition (break it down)

· Reanimation (think live octopus, still wriggling)

· BRAAAIIIINS!! (a trio of them, no less)

· Bored with brains (because no parts should go to waste)

· Skeletal remains (pick them bones clean)

· The cure (using a special caffeinated treat from Portola Coffee Lab, which could bring anyone out of a zombie-like state)

DioNicEss Digs Up a Zombie Beer Dinner at Beachwood BBQ