Eight Cute Truffle-Hunting Dogs and Pigs

Meet Gigi.
Meet Gigi. Photo: GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images

Earlier today we met Bruno, the truffle-hunting dog from the Italian village of Roccafluvione. But are there other adorable animals hunting for truffles in the woods of Europe? Of course there are. See what we mean, straight ahead.

Beti, from Croatia.Photo: HRVOJE POLAN/AFP/Getty Images

Ciska, from France.Photo: REGIS DUVIGNAU/Reuters/Corbis

Nini, from France.Photo: Jean-Daniel Sudres/Hemis/Corbis

Pepsi, from France.Photo: MARLOWE HOOD/AFP/Getty Images

This French pig doesn’t get a name, sadly.Photo: OLIVIER LABAN-MATTEI/AFP/Getty Images

Gigi, in Italy.Photo: GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Image

Alba, from France.Photo: JACKY NAEGELEN/Reuters/Corbis

Bela and Keti, in Croatia.Photo: HRVOJE POLAN/AFP/Getty Images

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Eight Cute Truffle-Hunting Dogs and Pigs