Chick Fil-A Opens in Walnut Creek, and Yes, There Are Protesters

He cares about free food, not equality.
He cares about free food, not equality. Photo: ABC 7

Just a couple weeks behind schedule, the new Chick Fil-A debuts today at 2800 N. Main Street in Walnut Creek, and some fools fans of free things were camped out last night to be first in line for the chain’s traditional opening day giveaway of a year’s supply of free chicken sandwiches to the first 100 customers. Meanwhile, a protest that’s been planned for months now is taking place all day today outside the restaurant. And it may grow large, because the Bay Area happens to be home to more than a few people who care passionately about gay rights, marriage equality, and corporations that make large contributions to state ballot initiatives based on homophobia and the Bible. (According to Facebook, over 300 said they would picket, but they likely won’t all show up.) As we’ve discussed earlier, this is the first of five planned Chick Fil-As around the Bay, with others coming to Mountain View, Novato, Santa Rosa, and San Jose.

Below, ABC 7’s coverage of the 24-hour “chicken love fest” that took place into today.

Update: The Chron reports that, sadly, most of those protesters didn’t motivate out to the East Bay, and only about a dozen were there on the sidewalk during the day. [Chron]

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Chick Fil-A Opens in Walnut Creek, and Yes, There Are Protesters