Check Out Au Cheval’s English Cousin, Electric Diner

Photo: courtesy Electric Diner

Hat tip to 312 Dining Diva for pointing out the website now up for the previously announced London version of Au Cheval, which is part of the Electric Cinema complex in Notting Hill which includes an actual cinema as well as such things as a private club, a doughnut shop and (our favorite) a Smoking Terrace. We’re in serious cross-cultural mashup territory here between the French food in an American diner setting in a space that looks like London’s Tube, but we have to admit, it’s pretty cool. Here’s what may make you most jealous of London’s version of Au Cheval, though:

The Diner opens at 8am for breakfast, switches to the all-day menu at 12pm and keeps serving until late at night (you can drop in for dinner until 1am at the weekend).

Their Brendan Sodikoff diner actually keeps diner hours, unlike ours. Anyway, check it out at the website here.

Check Out Au Cheval’s English Cousin, Electric Diner