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Cee-Lo Accused of Slipping Assault Victim Ecstasy at Downtown Sushi Restaurant

Cee-Lo Green
Cee-Lo Green Photo: Worthyfm/Flickr

The plot thickens in the sexual battery allegations surrounding Cee-Lo Green, the cat-stroking singer and judge on The Voice. While still keeping mum on the name of the restaurant in question, TMZ now reports that the sick story began at a Downtown sushi destination, where Cee-Lo is accused of slipping a female date a drug last July, foiling the star’s first line of defense that he hasn’t been to the restaurant in question for three months.

The woman claims she had a drink with Cee-Lo before waking up naked in a bed with him in the room. Amid several post-scenarios suggested, the victim reportedly went to the LAPD immediately after the assault, leading cops to set up a call in which the singer may have repeatedly apologized while referencing ecstasy, though not necessarily confessing that he put it in her drink. Cee-Lo’s people, as to be expected, say the accusations are just a shakedown and that the woman first tried to get a payment to keep quiet, something a different TMZ source says is not true, as the accuser’s first concerns were vocalized over any communicable diseases the singer may have.

Of course, hearing “Downtown sushi restaurant” and “celebrity,” one can’t help but consider that Downtown L.A.’s star-ridden sushi destination, Katsuya, might be at the center of the alleged incident, but for now it’s just a guess and hardly the most urgent matter to see cleared up in the story. The entire case is being referred to the L.A. County D.A. for further investigation into what really happened.

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Cee-Lo Accused of Slipping Assault Victim Ecstasy at Downtown Sushi Restaurant