First Look at Capo’s, the New Chicago-Style Pizzeria From Tony Gemignani

Pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani is not satisfied just being a talented pizzaiolo who can turn out a perfectly blistered Neapolitan pie. Since expanding the menu at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana last year, he’s been teaching San Francisco about other pizza typologies, from several American regional variations to Roman-style pizza by the meter. Now, Friday marks the official opening of Capo’s (641 Vallejo Street), his much anticipated new project where he’ll delve into the one beloved pizza type we haven’t seen from him, and which North Beach hasn’t seen at all: Chicago-style deep dish. We’ve got some photos of the swank new spot, which takes its design inspiration from Al Capone’s Chicago of the 1920s.

In keeping with the Prohibition theme, the cocktail menu centers on whiskey and bourbon (with 100 whiskies available), and variations on the Old Fashioned. For instance, there’s a drink called the Capone, which is an Old Fashioned with Templeton rye, mashed fruit, bitters, and maple syrup.

And, since this is Gemignani we’re talking about, there isn’t just one type of pizza being served here. All the pies on the menu can be ordered in one of four styles: standard deep dish, stuffed, cracker-thin crust, or cast-iron deep dish — but, it should be noted, that only the thin crust is vegetarian. Also, there are fire-baked pastas, like a wood-fired lasagna and a Genovese-style mostaccioli (think penne) with pesto, and some old-timey spaghetti and meatballs too. See the non-pizza part of the menu here, and check out our slideshow by clicking below.

But please note that Capo’s is cash only, just like if Capone were running the business himself.

Capo’s - 641 Vallejo Street between Stockton and Columbus - 415-986-8998 - Opening Friday, November 16, and it will be open for dinner Wednesday to Monday, with lunch served Friday and Saturday.

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with spinach and provolone cream.
with tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, spinach, ricotta, romano, oregano, and garlic.
First Look at Capo’s, the New Chicago-Style Pizzeria From Tony Gemignani