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Rumor Confirmed: Bar Agricole’s Thad Vogler Opening New Spot at 140 New Montgomery

The historic Telephone and Telegraph Building.
The historic Telephone and Telegraph Building. Photo: Wonderlane/Flickr

Grub Street first floated the rumor two months back that Bar Agricole was potentially expanding with a new project at the historic 140 New Montgomery, which is undergoing a massive renovation. Now, following on news that Aziza is relocating to the larger of the two ground-level spaces in the building, the Scoop brings confirmation that Agricole’s Thad Vogler has inked a deal for the other space, and will open Whiteside Company there in late 2013. The concept is an all-day café and bar with a simple food program centered around butchery, and a raw bar.

The man in charge of the food will be Bar Agricole butcher Salvatore Cracco, and the menu is expected to be fairly simple and rustic, with most of the emphasis on beverages — from morning coffee to evening cocktail.

On the cocktail front, Vogler will be using Bill Boothby seminal 1891 books The American Bar-Tender as a jumping off point. Boothby was once a bartender at the Palace Hotel just up the street, and the book features a bunch of ingredients lost to time — some of which Vogler, an avid cocktail historian, will try to recreate.

There will be both indoor and outdoor spaces, with a patio that adjoins Aziza’s — or whatever Mourad Lahlou settles on for a name for the new place.

Whiteside Company, by the way, was the name of a turn-of-the-twentieth-century dry-goods company in San Francisco.

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