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Badmaash Indian Gastropub Opening in Downtown

Badmaash L.A.
Badmaash L.A. Photo: Badmaash L.A.

An Indian gastropub called BadmaashLA is poised to serve Downtown’s 2nd Street in the next few weeks, offering Bombay street food and U.S. bar food maash-ups. True to its name (badmaash is sort of like a rebel in Hindi), the restaurant is kicking Indian conventions to the curb.

For example, the brand’s imagery includes a Mr. Brainwash-esque Ghandi in pink sunglasses and a wide embrace of Mugambo from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a film that didn’t really demonstrate acute cultural sensitivity towards the Subcontinent, with its scenes of monkey brain munching and snake gut snacking.

Helmed by Pawan Mahendro, the Punjabi chef-owner of Toronto’s Jaipur Grille, and headed up by his sons, the food is more in line with a Desi diet, with plans to influence U.S. bar eats with a dose of Indian ingredients.

Plans include familiar Mumbai munchies like samosas, tandoori kabab, fresh naans like poori and roti, curries including aloo tikka, butter chicken, and saag paneer, chai and lassi, as well as Punjabi fish and chips, tandoori wings, masala fries, burgers, short rib poutine, Bombay served on a roll.

The restaurant doesn’t yet have a specific opening date but will be unlocking its doors soon. Check Twitter for updates on its debut.

Badmassh L.A., 108 West Second St. Downtown; 310-310-3103.

Badmaash Indian Gastropub Opening in Downtown