Yes, April Bloomfield Okay With Eating Penises

Who wants to know?
Who wants to know? Photo: Melissa Hom

It all depends on the circumstances: The Spotted Pig chef and venerated “whole beast” poobah Fergus Henderson (they’re sort of besties) sat down for the Evening Standard and talked all about organ meat, white truffles, and FergusStock, their annual team-up dinner series that invariably draws in a staggering amount of admiring food people to each chef’s restaurant. It turns out the nose-to-tail godfather draws the line above the belt, sort of.

“I’m fine with testicles but we all have our boundaries, and mine is a pink penis,” says Henderson. Bloomfield balks: “That’s such a man thing,” she says, adding, “I’ve definitely eaten a penis or two in my time. You wimp.”

Pleased to meat you… pigging out with Fergus Henderson and April Bloomfield [London Evening Standard]
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Yes, April Bloomfield Okay With Eating Penises