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What To Eat at Found, Opening (New Date) Next Tuesday

Photo: courtesy Found via Facebook

A few weeks ago we went to a preview event for Evanston’s upcoming restaurant-slash-hangout Found, the collaboration between Amy Morton (of those Mortons) and former C-House chef Nicole Pedersen. A preview… at Amy Morton’s house. With her kids running around. And with the couple who run the helping-the-homeless-learn-work-skills organization that Found will be drawing on for some of its staff, seated at the table. And Amy and Nicole talking about what a great relationship they have and laughing how they recently had an argument and then two minutes later they were both checking with each other nervously… “Did we just have our first fight?” Are you getting the idea that we were charmed? We were; this is going to be a genuine-feeling place, about good, direct and honest food and good fellowship (or sisterhood or whatever). And the Evanston scene, which is kind of plastic once you get beyond burgers, is exactly one that could use something like this to set a new bar for modern farm-to-table food. Anyway, we have something coming up next week to tell you all about it, but in the meantime, with a couple of opening dates having been floated out there, we have been told that the new, this-is-really-it one is going to be Tuesday, November 6; the menu of what they’ll be serving then is below.

Selection Cheese 12
Black Goat
Smokey Blue
Chef’s Board 14

Flat Breads
Sausage and Clams 12
Bacon and Leek 9
White bean and Peppers 8
Arugula and Parmesan 8

Kale and swiss chard salad with seeds and cranberries 7
Baby lettuce salad with herbs and sherry vinaigrette 5
Chicken liver mousse with bacon marmalade and toast 7
Frites with chile ketchup and aioli 4
Roasted brussels sprouts and squash with harissa and pumpkin seeds 6
Shrimp toast with parsnip pickle slaw 9
Fried oyster tacos with bacon and tomatillos 10
Lamb meat balls with pistachio chimichurri and yogurt 11
Farro and braised mushrooms 6
Add a poached farm egg 7
Chicken wings with smoked chilies, lemon and honey 11
House Made Fried Tofu with basil chermoula 6

Root vegetable stew with garbanzo beans, turmeric, and tofu 14
Grilled hanger steak with pimentos and smoked almonds 21
Whole roasted branzino with chips and charred lemon 22
Wood oven roasted bone in ribeye with anchovy butter 39

Knife and Fork Sandwiches
French dip au jus and onion mustard on whole wheat 9
Roasted chicken with shatta and fresh cheese on sourdough 8
Squash and mushroom with kale pesto and tofu 8

Ginger stout pound cake with pecans, pears, and cranberry 6
Chocolate pot de crème and short bread 5
Pumpkin gelato sundae with cream cheese and graham cracker 5

Found, 1631 Chicago Ave., Evanston. 847-868-8945.

What To Eat at Found, Opening (New Date) Next Tuesday