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Watch ‘Mathemusician’ Vi Hart Make an Amazing Tortilla Hexa-Flexa-Mexagon

Photo: Youtube

If Buckminster Fuller worked for Taco Bell, his burritos would probably look something like this Hexa-Flexa-Mexagon. Here, “mathemusician” Vi Hart liberates a long, rectangular swath from the center of a tortilla wrap in order to make a folded, origamilike hexagonal “mexagon,” which, once finished, can be bunched up, flipped inside out, and also withstand a variety of condiments and toppings. As a tidy geometric structure, it’s basically M. C. Escher gone Tex-Mex. “However,” Hart narrates, reaching for the black beans and guacamole, “it is imperfect, because it is not yet delicious.” Make sure you stick around for the tortilla swan at the end.

Flex Mex [Vihart/YouTube]

Watch ‘Mathemusician’ Vi Hart Make an Amazing Tortilla