Vedge’s Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby Recognized for ‘Produce Innovation’

Vedge's veggie innovators
Vedge’s veggie innovators Photo: Vedge

Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby are getting some props for their mastery of meatless cuisine at their critically acclaimed Vedge. Cooking Light today announced that the two are the recipients of the “Produce Innovation” prize in the magazine’s second annual Trailblazing Chefs Awards. Landau and Jacoby earn praise from the editors for elevating vegetables to new heights in “all-plant dishes that dazzle” without resorting to the use of artless mock meats, nor so much as a “whiff of animal products.” No doubt it’s a great honor for the Vedge owners. Still, you know what’s a drag? Even in a piece that applauds a “trailblazing” vegan restaurant, the editors here put Vedge, and the rest of Philly’s food scene into the context of “cheesesteak city.” [Cooking Light]

Vedge’s Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby Recognized for ‘Produce