Urban Oven Launching Neapolitan Pizza Truck This Week

Urban Oven
Urban Oven Photo: Urban Oven

Scott Tremonti, a former Pizzeria Bianco devotee now behind the catering outfit Urban Oven, is formally launching a food truck version of his pizza concept in L.A. tomorrow. The pizzaiolo’s signature pizzas involve buffalo mozzarella margheritas with San Marzano tomatoes, fennel sausage on a pie with Calabrian chiles, and a gruyere pizza with Yukon spuds, sea salt, and leeks, using a sourdough crust forged through an oven burning almond wood into traditional, thin Neapolitan pizza purity.

Almond wood burning in Urban Oven’s oven

A few more unexpected toppings include mole sausage, Thai shrimp, grapes, bacon, and poblano peppers, while the chef swears to seasonal-shaping and peerless produce.

Tremonti’s schedule will be trackable through Facebook and Twitter, and he provides a chalkboard surface for all budding artists to doodle on the truck as they wait. See Urban Oven’s full menu below.



Margherita - Pomodoro, Fresh Mozzarella, Olive Oil & Basil
Marinara - Pomodoro, Garlic, Oregano, Grana & Olive Oil
Crimini Mushroom - Olive Oil, Fresh Mozzarella, Crimini Mushroom, Thyme
Hot Paprika - Pomodoro, Fresh Mozzarella, Hot Paprika Salumi, Poblano, Chiles and Grana


Tartufo - Pomodoro, Fresh Mozzarella, Truffle Pepperoni and Sweet Onion
Prosciutto Mushroom - Pomodoro, Fresh Mozzarella, Prosciutto Crudo, Crimini Mushroom & Basil
Potato Leek - Olive Oil, Gruyere, Assorted Potatoes, Leeks & Thyme
Tre - Olive Oil, Fresh Mozzarella, Grana, Ricotta & Arugula
Bacon & Onion - Olive Oil, Smoked Mozzarella, Bacon, Caramelized, Sweet Onion & Arugula
Quattro Formaggi - Olive Oil, Fresh Mozzarella, Grana, Goat Cheese, Gruyere, Poblano Chiles and Mole Salami


Prosciutto and Grape - Olive Oil, Fresh Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Prosciutto Crudo, and Caramelized Red Grapes
Bacon & Brussels Sprout - Olive Oil, Brussels Sprout Leaf, Smoked Mozzarella, Bacon & Grana


Fig - Olive Oil, Fig, Goat Cheese, Prosciutto Crudo, Rosemary & Arugula
Mattino - Egg, Bacon, Assorted Potato, Caramelized Sweet Onion & Grana

Urban Oven Launching Neapolitan Pizza Truck This Week