Spot Check

Spot Check: Underdogs, South Philly, 11:45, Friday, 10/12

Underdogs' Texas Tommy combo.
Underdogs’ Texas Tommy combo. Photo: Collin Keefe

The crowd was sparse when earlier today Grub dropped in on Underdogs’ just-opened second location next to Geno’s on Ninth Street. While the Black Keys and Beck rang out over the sound system, a steady stream of 20 or so customers shuffled in and out. It was a mixed bag of neighborhood folk, Philadelphia Water Department employees, a token beardo, and a trio of tourists that looked as if they had decided very last minute to pass on the obligatory cheesesteaks from next door. The average wait was under eight minutes — that’s with a faulty cash register — and the bacon-wrapped-and-deep-fried Texas Tommy appeared to be a hot commodity. As far as how well a tube-steak purveyor fits in, in the heart of cheesesteak country goes: On our way out, we spotted a Geno’s employee ordering a dozen dogs!

Underdogs, 1205 S. Ninth Street, (215) 665-8080

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Spot Check: Underdogs, South Philly, 11:45, Friday, 10/12