So Offal

Test Kitchen’s All-Offal Menu Includes Veal Tendon and Tuna Heart

Come on, have a heart.
Come on, have a heart. Photo: Erin Leigh McConell

With Halloween’s arrival on Wednesday, ‘tis the season for grossing everybody out. Tomorrow Andrew Zimmern is releasing a new field guide to bug and brain munching, while Downtown’s Industriel is currently running a so-called “scary menu” with calf’s brain and tongue ravioli, blood sausage banh mi, and “bat salad” (actually just quail) through October 31. But of course, not all offal eaters are seduced solely by shock (or schlock) value. Over at Test Kitchen, an unholy coven of six local chefs, many of whom are tied to the city’s pop-up explosion, is uniting tomorrow night in Downtown for an all-offal dinner.

Kevin Van of The Dining Society, Ari Taymor of Alma, Milo and Olive chef Jason Mattick, Kali Dining’s Kevin Meehan, Bestia’s Ori Menashe, and Mozza Newport’s pastry chef Sarah Asch will be working with ingredients like braised veal tendon, lamb and tuna heart, duck giblets, and pork blood on a fixed menu offering one dish by each chef, and ending on a not-so-intimidating chocolate course by Asch.

But if none of the above is scary enough for you, keep in mind: Emilio Estevez will help organize dinner at Test Kitchen next Monday.

The lineup of which of these mad doctors is working with which specific organ is below, while reservations can be made online.

Lineup For October 30th All-Offal Dinner at Test Kitchen:

Veal Tendon/Tuna Heart (Kevin Van)
Duck Giblets (Ari Taymor)
Lamb Heart (Jason Mattick)
Pork Blood/Tripe (Ori Menashe)
Sweetbread/Veal Tongue/Bone Marrow (Kevin Meehan)
Chocolate (Sarah Asch)

Test Kitchen’s All-Offal Menu Includes Veal Tendon and Tuna Heart