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Tender Greens Expands and Begins Charity Culinary Program

Caviar at Tender Greens
Caviar at Tender Greens Photo: Tender Greens

Tender Greens has wild ambitions, but not in a evil Sith kind of way. The previously mentioned MDR location is coming along nicely, but an Irvine outpost will open before that. Next up: Downtown. While oddly-named tossed salad restaurants keep opening in Downtown, it seems every office drone just wants a Tender Greens.

Beyond the expansion news, Tender Green remains the most ingredient driven fast casual chain on the West Coast. Curing caviar? They’re doing it in Santa Monica. Producing salami? They’re partners with P. Balistreri in LA. Sourcing hogs from local ranchers? They’re doing it for every restaurant. It’s heartening to hear there will be locally cured prosciutto butchered from Berkshire pigs raised in LA County, and you can buy it right at Tender Greens.

Feeding the community with food isn’t the company’s only goal, Tender Green is also feeding the careers of fostered young adults. In September, the first class of students began a twelve-week culinary training program which will lead to a guaranteed job at the restaurants. The classes, part of TG’s Sustainable Life Project charity, was inspired by a chef at Tender Greens who grow up under the foster system.

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Tender Greens Expands and Begins Charity Culinary Program