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Frankenstrom Shuts Down the City, But Federal Donuts Is Open [UPDATED]

Federal Donuts
Federal Donuts Photo: Collin Keefe

Schools, trash pick-up, courts and mass transit are all suspended this morning. Mayor Michael Nutter yesterday announced that all non-essential city offices will be closed today, and urged residents to stay home, hunker down and try to ride out whatever uncertainty that Frankenstorm Sandy dishes up. But Federal Donuts is open. At both locations! Seems that neither rain, nor threat of snow, nor gloom of apocalyptic storm conditions will stay FedNuts’ fryer jockeys from completion of their mission of providing donuts, coffee and fried chicken for the weather weary. And they are not alone in smiting sadistic Sandy and her inclement onslaught.

Benna’s, B2, Ultimo Coffee, Fork:etc., Green Line Cafe, and Whole Foods on Callowhill are all reporting that they are open. The Institute says it will start pouring beers at 11 a.m. Tria Rittenhouse reports that it will open from noon to 2 p.m. today, but the WashWest locale and its Wine Room will be closed. Good Dog says the will be open until the “lights go out, or the city tells us to shut down.”

Starr fleet sends word that Fette Sau will open for dinner tonight, and that Continental, Jones, Pizzeria Stella, Parc, The Dandelion, and El Vez are all serving lunch and dinner. However, Morimoto, Continental Mid-town, El Rey, Frankford Hall, Pod, Route 6, and Talula’s garden are all closed.

Marc Vetri, tweeting with the hashtag #stuckinitaly says the Vetri Family of restaurants will be closed today and tonight. They will possibly be reopened tomorrow.

You can keep tabs on what’s open and what’s closed by checking #OpenInPHL on Twitter.

UPDATE: Federal Donuts is closing both locations today at 2 p.m. Chickens are going in the fryers now, and they are offering a free half dozen fresh or fancy donuts with each friend chicken order.

Frankenstrom Shuts Down the City, But Federal Donuts Is Open [UPDATED]