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Spin The Wheel of Meat at the First Downtown Red Meat Market Tomorrow

We wrote a few months back about Red Meat Market, a new venture which sought to bring meat farmers and ordinary folks together at Meat-Ups in which you can not only buy great cuts of artisanal meat from the upper midwest, but you can talk to the farmers and processors involved like Louis Slagel of Slagel Family Farms or Bartlett Durand of Black Earth Meats. The events have been huge successes— thank Ruhlman and Polcyn’s Charcuterie, for one, we suspect— and now it’s coming downtown to the Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market. As part of Food Day 2012 awareness activities, the market (which, incidentally, tomorrow will be the last day of) will host Red Meat Market for a day of talks from farmers and ranchers (led off by newsman and Tallgrass Beef owner Bill Kurtis), butcher and chef demonstrations by the likes of Rob Levitt of The Butcher & Larder and Cosmo Goss of Publican Quality Meats, and not least, the chance to buy really good quality beef, pork, chicken, lmab and even bison from six different producers. Or even to win it— as at most of their events, they’ll let you spin The Wheel of Meat and win lots of meat. The full schedule is below, and as Wendy Aeschlimann reminds us at The Local Beet, take your cooler or insulated bag to work tomorrow if you want to come home with frozen meat.

Schedule of Events at Daley Plaza:

8:00 am
Opening Ceremonies Begin, Speakers Include:

Deputy Commissioner Angel Ysaguirre who oversees the Farmers Market program in the culinary arts division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Dr. James Galloway - Regional Health Administrator, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Region V and Assistant US Surgeon General, Rear Admiral, United States Public Health Service

Alan Shannon, Public Affairs Director for the Midwest Region’s USDA Food & Nutrition Service

Jim Slama, President,; Founder,Good Food Festivals

Mark Wilhelms, Founder of Red Meat Market / Bartlett Durand, Co-Founder of Red Meat Market and intro of Keynote

8:30 am
Keynote address, Bill Kurtis - television journalist, producer, narrator and news anchor. Founder of Tallgrass Beef Company

9:30 am Bartlett Durand, Co-Founder of RMM - “Humane Contact & Care of Animals in Processing”
10:00 am Cooking Demonstration by Common Threads
11:00 am Butcher Demonstration from Chef Cosmo Goss from Publican Quality Meats
12:00 noon Dan Rosenthal moderating a Chef Demonstration and Sampling from Sopraffina Market Caffe
12:30 pm Bartlett Durand, Co-Founder of Red Meat Market - “Welcome to the Revolution”
1:00 pm Butcher Demonstration by Rob Levitt from the Butcher and Larder
2:00 pm Chef Demonstration by Eric Stein from Enlightened Flavors
3:30 pm Dan Rosenthal moderating a Chef Demonstration from Poag Mahone’s Ale House
4:00 pm First ever Outdoor Red Meat Market ends the day’s celebration of Food Day

Spin The Wheel of Meat at the First Downtown Red Meat Market Tomorrow