Seoul Sausage Offers Sneak Peek Today

Seoul power!
Seoul power! Photo: Zach Brooks/Midtown Lunch

A new sausage is dangling on the horizon, as eagerly anticipated Seoul Sausage Co. is pumped for its Saturday debut off of Sawtelle in Mississippi Avenue. Midtown Lunch announces that the business, which just won The Great Food Truck Race, is currently offering a preview today, showing off its cheesy kimchi and Japanese curry balls and Korean sausages over lunch, then springing their non-tubular items at dinner. Zach Brooks also drops some susu that the business may introduce recipes from well-known guest chefs in the coming weeks. So drop by today, as they’ll be busy polishing off their last minute obligations tomorrow.

Seoul Sausage Co., 11313 Mississippi Ave. West L.A..

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Seoul Sausage Offers Sneak Peek Today