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Raw Chicken Drops From Cloudless Sky, Pelts Equestrian

Surprisingly aerodynamic.
Surprisingly aerodynamic. Photo: Honou/flickr (sky); iStockphoto (chicken)

It’s not enough that horseback riders are mocked for those funny hats and stirrup pants — now they have to worry about being pelted with raw chicken parts, too. USA Today reports on a troubling scene in the Virginia countryside wherein a horseback-riding lesson ended in tragedy when a rider was hit on the head with “a foot-long hunk of raw chicken.”

The lesson took place in the shadow of the Tyson Foods processing plant near the unfortunately named town of Assawoman.

Tyson reps deny responsibility for the incident, although we can totally picture disgruntled employees getting frisky with chicken wings after one too many beers at a company happy hour.

Scientists, meanwhile, blame high-flying seagulls, who are known to snack on raw chicken parts. The investigation continues, because as Virginia Land Protection Manager Milton Johnston notes, “We can’t have pieces of chicken falling out of the sky.”

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Raw Chicken Drops From Cloudless Sky, Pelts Equestrian