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Ralic’s and Redwood Shows There’s Some Signs of Life on South Street

South Street
South Street Photo: GPTMC

For quite some time we’ve been spitballing ideas about where Philly’s next restaurant row will emerge. Passyunk Ave. is out of the running. It’s already arrived. Other contenders include the west side of South Street, East Girard Ave., Frankford Ave., and even North Broad Street. One possible dark horse in this run is the east side of South Street, where the toll of a crappy economy can be counted in vacant storefronts lining both sides of the street. But a couple projects in the pipeline could return the strip back into the “hippest street in town.” Ralic’s Seafood, David Ralic’s rescue of the sprawling building that housed Black Angus Steakhouse for a minute, is a couple of weeks away from making it’s debut.

Coming even sooner — possibly this week — is Redwood, according to the Insider. It’s a new concept from OG South Street restaurateur Bill Curry, whose Copabanana was slinging margaritas and Mexican-ish munchies back when Sid Vicious still walked among the living. And it’s a sign of South Street beginning to rebound. No doubt Serpico’s arrival on the 600 block next spring will elevate the neighborhood’s standing even further. We suspect it will also inspire others to open restaurants there too.

Redwood opening next to Copabanana on South Street [Insider]

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Ralic’s and Redwood Shows There’s Some Signs of Life on South Street