A Look at The Parish’s New Breakfast Menu
Fried Chicken Biscuit

We took the herculean task of waking up at 8:00 A.M. on a Sunday in order to bring you a peek inside The Parish during daylight. Brooke Mosley, “high priestess of pastries”, arrives at the Downtown kitchen around 4:00 A.M to oversee her famous biscuits which drive the savory portion of the morning menu.

A dozen variety of pastries rest colorfully across the barista station and a quiche sits on the cake stand waiting to be sliced. Those seeking ironic pairing of Four Barrel Coffee and donuts will be pleased to know there are freshly fried beignets with rotating jams. Affordable biscotti and madeleines are available for the dip-and-sippers.

The biscuits run the gamut even this early in the morning. We cheekily noted sausage egg muffin may be Ronald McDonald’s favorite at the Parish, but there is a healthy trout biscuit with jalapeno slaw for the more adventuresome. With The Tasting Kitchen so famous for its chicken and waffles at brunch, there’s no doubt the fried chicken biscuit will be the best selling savory dish here.

See complete menu below and the breakfast hours have just been updated: Monday through Friday, 7:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Saturday and Sunday 7:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. 840 S. Spring St. Los Angeles


chocolate brioche. 3.5
almond & cheese danish. 4.5
lemon-huckleberry pinwheel. 4
cranberry white chocolate scone. 3
snickerdoodle. 1
madeleine. .5
biscotti. 1
blueberry muffin. 3.5
sausage brioche. 4
bacon cheddar danish. 4
daily quiche. 6
bacon date scone. 3.5

sage, eggs & sausage. 4
cheddar, egg, bacon & avocado. 4
grilled tomato & cheese. 4
trout, pickle & jalapeno slaw. 4
fried chicken, maple & pickles. 4
plain. 2
with jam. 3

changes daily

coffee & tea
coffee to go 2.5
espresso 2.5
gibraltar 3.5
latte 4
americano 2.75
pour over coffee 4
macchiato 3
cappuccino 3.5
mocha 5
cold brew 4

pot of tea 6
tea to go 3
iced tea (black, green, herbal) 3.5

Outdoor patio. Photo: Tony Chen
Counter service. Photo: Tony Chen
Fried chicken, maple, and pickles biscuit. Photo: Tony Chen
Trout, pickle, and jalapeno slaw biscuit. Photo: Tony Chen
Pastry platter. Photo: Tony Chen
Beignets with mixed berries jam. Photo: Tony Chen
Pastry tray. Photo: Tony Chen
Anaheim pepper, cheddar, and scallions quiche. Photo: Tony Chen
Biscotti and cookies. Photo: Tony Chen
A Look at The Parish’s New Breakfast Menu