Join Off the Grid For Their Last Presidio Picnic, and Final Fort Mason Party of the Season This Weekend
This, friends, is what they call a Bloody Mary kit.

This Friday is Off the Grid’s last outing at Fort Mason until the spring, and in honor of Halloween and the close of the food-trucking season, they’re doing a special themed market with a costume contest, and live music from a Rolling Stones cover band. Also, they’ll be celebrating Halloween at Off the Grid North Berkeley on actual Halloween, Wednesday the 31st. And this Sunday, the 28th, is the final of their monthlong series of Sunday Picnics at the Presidio. Organizer Matt Cohen intends to return to the Main Post lawn in the spring and do more picnics through next summer, but for now, you’ve got one more shot. See some photos we took from last week’s if you need any further enticement.

An albacore tuna ceviche tostada from Nopalito.
An excellent pastrami sandwich from Jablow’s Meats.
A smoked trout and lentil salad from Fins on the Hoof.
Del Popolo’s margherita pizza with two 64-degree eggs from Fins on the Hoof. The Fins on the Hoof truck offers to put these sous-vide poached eggs on top of any dish from the market.
Fried chicken from Christian Ciscle of Wing Wings, with a side of Wing Wings hot sauce. This is the same fried chicken, by the way, that Ciscle became known for at Little Skillet.
Some delicious lamb shoulder with a salsa verde from Stag Dining Group, paired with a Japanese sweet potato and queso fresco.
The picnic event, since it’s on federal land, gets to serve booze, and a vendor comes around with a wagon selling Mimosa and Bloody Mary kits for $38.
Join Off the Grid For Their Last Presidio Picnic, and Final Fort Mason Party of