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What Neal Fraser and Sang Yoon Are Cooking Together at Test Kitchen, Saturday in Downtown

Neal Fraser
Neal Fraser Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The revival of Test Kitchen’s guest chef series at forthcoming Bestia involves a pretty heavy-duty dinner lineup, to which critic Besha Rodell far waxed lovingly on the food, if not exactly the service. This Sunday welcomes Casa del Mar’s Jason Bowlin, Jason and Miho Travi, and Gjelina baker Nicole Rucker to the temporary restaurant for a fried chicken feast, while next week will find Baja’s Javier Plascencia cooking in the space and an-all offal dinner to get guests in the mood for Halloween. But before that, a truly epic meeting of L.A. talents will take place this Saturday night, as Father’s Office and Lukshon mastermind Sang Yoon will join BLD, Fritzi Dog, and Grace’s Neal Fraser for an indulgent six-course dinner featuring a “Korean-style” Iberico de Bellota lomo crudo with ssamjang vinaigrette and charcoal essence from Yoon, a Maine lobster with squid ink risotto and uni from Fraser, fig “foie gras” potstickers with squab, and two desserts from Lukshon’s John Park, in addition to a few amuse bouche. See the full menu below and make reservations for the dinner or any of next week’s while you still can on Test Kitchen’s website.

Sang Yoon and Neal Fraser at Test Kitchen
Saturday, October 27, 2012


Note: Menu is subject to change.

Caviar, White Carrot, Truffle Cream (Neal Fraser)
Nahm Jim Tomato Water, Hawaiian White Prawn (Sang Yoon)

Iberico de Bellota Lomo Crudo “Korean BBQ Style”, Ssamjang Vinaigrette, Perilla, Radish Pickles, Charcoal Essence (Sang Yoon)

Maine Lobster Squid Ink Risotto, Uni (Neal Fraser)

Carpenteria Squab Fig Foie Gras Potsticker, Galangal Cauliflower, Star Anise (Sang Yoon)

“Fair Game” Bacon Wrapped Saddle of Rabbit, Polenta: Sautéed Wild Scottish Hare, Salsify, Huckleberries: Grilled Deer, Wild Rice Bread Pudding, Black Pepper Demiglace (Neal Fraser)

Palm Sugar Butterscotch Pudding Cracker Johns, Ginger Chocolate Sauce, Coconut Sorbet (Pastry Chef John Park Lukshon)

Hazelnut Foie Gras Ice Cream “Drumstick” Dark Chocolate, Pistachios (Pastry Chef John Park Lukshon)

What Neal Fraser and Sang Yoon Are Cooking Together at Test Kitchen, Saturday in