The Other Critics

Don’t ‘Stake Your Diet’ on Ms. Tootsie’s; Lil Dan’s Oreo-Chicken Sandwich ‘Surprisingly Subtle’

• Adam Erace cautions against staking your diet at Ms. Tootsie’s, where “every turn brings indulgent finger foods,” like “crunchy, crumb-coated orbs of crab meat mixed with gooey mac ‘n’ cheese… and meaty chicken wings … stuck between Buffalo and barbecue.” The fried chicken “gets the big play,” but he makes the case for “Southern classics,” like “huge, plump and succulent” shrimp and grits, and “brontosaurus-size,” and “barbecue sauce-slathered” pork ribs. [Courier-Post]

• Former Grub Street editor and current Today contributor Kirsten Henri delivers the lowdown on the vanilla Oreo and chicken sandwich that Lil Dan’s food truck is serving. She reports the taste is “surprisingly subtle,” and balanced by a “savory tang.” [Bites on Today]

• Penn Appetit chose Fogo de Chão for Restaurant Week, and enthusiastically reports that the “huge shiny metal skewers of meat” brought “excitement” and the sea salt and garlic-seasoned Picanha was “the best meat… ever tasted.” Dessert? “Wholly unnecessary.” [Penn Appetit]

Don’t ‘Stake Your Diet’ on Ms. Tootsie’s; Lil