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Michael Voltaggio Faces The Music, Hangs Tough

M. Volt
M. Volt Photo: Krista Simmons

Last week Michael Voltaggio stacked up five killer song choices for KCRW’s Guest DJ Project, dipping into the crates for some Biggie, Toots and The Maytals, Flogging Molly, and Tom Waits, as well as some cocky new British upstarts that call themselves The Beatles. But we all have our secret, even shameful, admissions when it comes to the music we’ve listened to in the past, be it that Natalie Merchant song you cried to on repeat or the late-period MC Hammer tape stashed in your attic. Or anything related to Phish. This week on “Food is the New Rock,” the ink. chef, who looks much more like your standard issue Cro-Mags fan than a devotee to nineties boy bands, confesses to his most embarrassing musical moment. And it’s pretty bad.

Asked for some embarrassing details of his sonic tripping, the chef admits, “I, Michael Voltaggio, have been to a New Kids on the Block concert.” But sometimes we do bad things for the best of reasons, and Volt also reveals, “but the girl I was crushing on in fifth grade, I got to hold her hand that night.” Awww! Later the chef says, “I did it all for the girl. I can’t blame Bryan for that.”

Voltaggio’s confession to hanging tough with Donny, Joe, and Jordan for a night is a good opener actually, making his next “embarrassing” reveal, a visit to see Poison, sound like a SubHumans show in comparison.

In any case, the 42-minute interview has some real gems, like hearing Voltaggio discuss food bloggers who spoil the eats—hey, we resemble that comment!—talk shit shop about Top Chef, get razzed about a possible place in his heart for Coldplay by chef de cuisine Cole Dickinson, thoughts on Tom Colicchios’ licks and G-status, and revealing the album that probably changed his life.

Take a listen at Food is the New Rock.

Michael Voltaggio Faces The Music, Hangs Tough