Mezze Driven Away By Noisy Neighbors

And you thought your neighbor was a pain
And you thought your neighbor was a pain Photo: Mezze

We had a bad feeling something like this might happen to Mezze, the excellent two-year-old restaurant of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingenuity helmed by Micah Wexler in the former Sona space. On Saturday, the place called it quits, annoyed into a premature death by its noisy neighbors at an never-ending construction zone that interfered with ambiance and operations.

Managing partner Michael Kassar announces that he’s hoping to transfer our green egg and padron pepper shakshouka and saffron pepper blue prawns to another location in the near future, while letting on that Mezze is in some sort of legal engagement with the builders of the huge retail and residential complex that robbed the restaurant of both peace and easy customer access. A full statement from Kassar on the sad situation is below.

Due to the overwhelming construction site next to us, Mezze restaurant will close its doors after service this Saturday, October 27th. Heavy construction for a massive residential and retail complex a few feet away from the restaurant began about six months ago. It has progressively worsened month after month. The building will take at least two more years to build. The daily occurrence for the past four to six months of cement trucks and tractors in front of the restaurant, coupled with the completely fenced off sidewalk to the south of Mezze has made it impossible for guests to walk by foot from the south. There is now no crosswalk to arrive at Mezze from that direction. The construction has also made it extremely difficult to see the restaurant, making it nearly invisible.

Due to the legal process that Mezze is in with the site next door we cannot state much more about the specifics.

We truly thank all of our guests, food critics, and local press that have demonstrated great support for Mezze over that past two years. It’s unfortunate we were forced to close for these reasons, but we are confident that we will relocate in the near future. While this situation is quite a disappointment for us, considering the great path Mezze was on, we promise there will be more extraordinary experiences to come. We want to also thank our investor for continuing to show his faith and belief in our next step.
Mezze Driven Away By Noisy Neighbors