Former Waitress Files Sexual-Harassment Lawsuit Against Real Housewives Restaurant

Lisa Vanderpump.
Lisa Vanderpump. Photo: State Art/Flickr

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills diva Lisa Vanderpump is named in a sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by a former waitress at Villa Blanca, the 90210 restaurant Vanderpump owns with her husband. The plaintiff alleges she was sexually assaulted on several occasions by the restaurant’s manager, claiming he tried to kiss her, made untoward comments, called her gross names, forced her into bodily contact, and “aggressively twisted” her wrists while cornering her in a bar well, among other sleazeball offenses that caused the server and part-time actress to quit her job.

Seeking over $5 million in damages, she names Vanderpump and her domestic and business partner, Ken Todd, in the suit, claiming the couple ignored her complaints and requests for compensation over lost shifts, and also refused to reprimand the offender. A source within the restaurant tells E! that the charges are being investigated, with security footage shot at the Villa Blanca so far not confirming any such incidents took place. Hopefully we won’t have to actually watch the lame-brain reality show to learn the suit’s eventual outcome.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump Named in Sexual Assault and Battery Suit by Ex-Employee of her Restaurant [E!]

Former Waitress Files Sexual-Harassment Lawsuit Against Real Housewives