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Guy Busted With 24 Pounds of Pot at Glendale In-N-Out Burger

Yet to have its own
Yet to have its own “blue cheese” burger Photo: Coco Mault/Flickr

Scientists are yet to deduce just how much weed one needs to smoke to conquer the fabled “100x100” at In-N-Out Burger, but 24 pounds sounds like a healthy start. Perhaps such a behemoth burger was motivating the giant stoner pinched by police this weekend with a large load of ganja in his car at a local In-N-Out. The man and a buddy were arrested when police rolled into the fast food restaurant’s parking lot in Glendale and found one of these braniacs smoking some non-wacky tobacky within ten feet of the restaurant’s doors (a legal no-no in L.A.). After the parolee admitted possessing a little medical cannabis in his BMW and seeing an accomplice pull some funny business in the car, police searched the ride only to uncover roughly $150,000 to $200,000 worth of marijuana divided into 24 separate one-pound bags bearing labels like “Blue Cheese” and “Berry White.” Whoops!

Currently, the guy who totally blew it is in L.A. County custody, and worse, probably didn’t even get his burger.

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Guy Busted With 24 Pounds of Pot at Glendale In-N-Out Burger