Falansai, a Vietnamese Street Food Restaurant, Coming to Bushwick

Photo: Courtesy Falansai

Henry Trieu spent his younger years in Vietnam and was part of the opening team at the original Slanted Door on Valencia Street when it opened in 1995, but he left kitchen life behind to pursue a career in web design and IT work during the height of San Francisco’s fabled dot-com days. “I’ve always wanted to go back to it,” he says, and in early December, Trieu will open the 65-seat Falansai at 112 Harrison Place in Bushwick in a converted industrial kitchen, just down the road from Brooklyn Fire Proof.

Trieu’s father was from Chaozhou and worked as a fisherman and a cabbie; the word falansai is a spelled-out approximation of his butchered pronunciation of ”français,” or the “well-to-dos” who were often his fares in Saigon. Falansai’s menu will be “80 percent Vietnamese street food, 18 percent Chaozhou, and 2 percent French.” The sample menu includes spring rolls, pho, Vietnamese shaking beef, and pork belly braised in coconut water with ginger, but it also features bistro standards like steak frites and escargots with garlic parsley butter. Trieu will pour beer and Rieslings picked to match the menu of cold and hot dishes, and he says the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner.

Falansai, 112 Harrison Pl., at Porter Ave.; no phone yet

Falansai, a Vietnamese Street Food Restaurant, Coming to Bushwick