Eva Secures Funds For The Fight of Its Life


We wouldn’t want to live in a world where Mark Gold’s fine restaurant Eva gets wiped away by nosy neighbors and fortunately we won’t have to. The chef and owner’s wife, Alejandra, writes on the restaurant website today that a landslide of public donations will allow the restaurant to raise legal and municipal fees in its fight against the Beverly Wilshire Homeowners Association, who are being all persnickety about a trivial zoning issue that could cost the place its liquor license after three years of a successful run. Gold says that $8,000 in funds were raised in just two days, with donors including a few people “we haven’t event met,” all of whom are thanked by name, save the anonymous source responsible for the rest of the promised funds. Eva is now armed for the fight of its life, literally. See Gold’s full statement below.


Actually…YOU did it; our “friends of eva” and family

(some people we haven’t even met yet) stepped up and donated just shy of $8,000 in only two days! Donations from $10 to $500 plus one donation from a person who contacted me yesterday stating they passionately wanted to contribute the rest of the $12,000 needed - they would like to remain anonymous. So we have reached our goal and can now file our appeal to preserve our rights.

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for stepping forward when we were in a desperate situation. Thank you for understanding, sharing personal stories and advice and for your beautiful words of encouragement…I only wish Mark was here to share this moment. (in case some of you don’t know just started stodging at the restaurant NOMA in Denmark).

We will be sending a personal invite to each person that donated and setting up some sort of special dinner to allow them to receive the food credit from their donation as promised. I will also have our lawyer draft a reciept for anyone who’d like to see exactly where their donations went.

Your comments and words of encouragement are what meant the most to us these past few days…I had no idea of how much love and appreciation our little restaurant has built. This is exactly what Mark always dreamed of,

a restaurant that is family…home.

You have all proved that dream.

Thank you again for everything and for reminding me once again that people are good.

Alejandra and Mark

… I’m sure Mark will post something on our eva restaurant Facebook page soon; please tell him to finish the NOMA opportunity he just started, he wants to come home early.
Eva Secures Funds For The Fight of Its Life