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Ela Rolling Out Brunch Service on Sunday

Jason Cichonski
Jason Cichonski Photo: Jason Varney

Jason Cichonski is bringing brunch service to Ela, the corner restaurant he and Chip Roman opened in Queen Village last year. It kicks off this coming Sunday, October 14 at 10:30 a.m. As expected, Cichonski, one of the more innovative chefs around these parts, is taking his “deliciously off-the-wall” approach to cooking, and applying it to brunch. That means things like biscuits and bone marrow, buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs and bone marrow gravy; short ribs benedict, English muffin, cippolini onions and horseradish hollandaise; and gingersnap pancakes will be on offer. There are also some interesting brunch-time cocktails on the menu, too. Keep reading to see it in its entirety.


Seasonal Soup

Shaved Kale salad
Whole grain mustard vinaigrette

Oysters (5)
Pomegranate vinegar, bacon

Classic French omelet
Boucherone cheese, arugula, smoked balsamic vinegar

Biscuits and Bone marrow
Buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs, bone marrow gravy

Shitake mushroom Jam, Aged Cheddar, Black sesame bun

Short ribs benedict ( sub bacon or sausage)
English Muffin, Cippolini onions Horseradish hollandaise

Ela Frittata, Changes weekly

Eggs as you like
Hash browned Potatoes, Kielbasa style Sausage

Lancaster Chicken
Sour dough risotto, Brussels sprouts

Sweet n Salt

Toasted Farro “oatmeal” Dolce de lece, Banana Jam

Ginger snap pancakes, Burnt orange, Vanilla ice cream

French toast, hot chocolate chip cookie dough

Butternut squash French toast, espresso syrup, house made ricotta, honey crisp apple

Cranberry crepes, Mulled red wine, crème fraiche


Additional eggs (2)
Kale salad
House Coffee smoked Bacon
House Garlic- Sage sausages
ELA Hash brown potatoes, sauce
Cinnamon Focaccia, cream cheese

Brunch Drinkies

Truffled Bloody

Kim Chi Bloody

Roasted Beet Bloody

Traditional Bloody

Bourbon blasted Vietnamese iced coffee

Caramel Apple Mimosa

Ela Rolling Out Brunch Service on Sunday