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Here’s a Video of a Man Being Assaulted by Brooklyn 7-Eleven Employees [Updated]

Photo: Youtube

Good morning! Here’s something awful to start your day: This video, apparently filmed last night inside the 7-Eleven on Flatbush Avenue near the DeKalb subway stop, depicts two store employees dragging a man they suspected of taking a box of candy through the store and onto the street. The employees pull the man back into the store and remove his clothes. One of the employees then bites the now-shirtless man, whose hand is also caught between the entrance doors. The unidentified man repeats “It’s only one box” as he struggles with the store employees. Toward the end of the video, a third man joins the convenience store employees and they drag the suspected shoplifter to the back of the store. At the three-minute and twelve-second mark, they pull him onto the floor and can be seen striking him while other customers look on. The video, after the jump, is rough. It’s not even clear whether the police were called to the store. Reached by e-mail this morning*, a 7-Eleven spokesperson wrote back to say she had not seen the video, which she called “extremely disturbing,” adding that the incident will be investigated.

7 Eleven Employees Attack Man Over Allegedly Stolen Candy Bar #BKBS
[Brooklyn Bullshit]
Black man attacked in 7 Eleven store in Brooklyn over a snicker bar [YouTube]

*This post has been updated to reflect the response from a public relations representative at 7-Eleven.

Here’s a Video of a Man Being Assaulted by Brooklyn 7-Eleven Employees