What to Eat on Barbacco’s New Takeout Dinner Menu

Barbacco is launching a new weeknight program called “Barbacco Casa,” featuring seasonal entrées geared toward reheating and enjoying at home. The selections will rotate, with one available each weeknight, and they’re served with two side dishes and priced between $21 and $25 per person. See the selections below, and call 415.955.1960 to confirm what’s available on a given night, place an order, and to arrange a pickup time for your order.

Below, the five currently available main dishes, only one of which will be available on any given night. These will be swapped out seasonally, and according to ingredient availability.

Braised lamb shanks served with white bean and braised spinach.

Braciole - Rolled flank steak filled with parmesan cheese,
garlic, herbs and bread crumbs, served with creamy polenta and broccoli rabe.

Pollo alla Cacciotora braised with mushrooms, peppers and tomato, and served with early fall beans and olive oil crushed potatoes.

Pork Ribs served with roasted potatoes and roasted peppers

Peposo - Tuscan beef stew simmered with sangiovese wine and cracked pepper, served with braised chard and creamy polenta.

Barbacco - 220 California Street - 415.955.1960 (for takeout)

What to Eat on Barbacco’s New Takeout Dinner Menu