C’est Fini: Alain Ducasse Will Close Adour

The restaurant will go dark November 17.
The restaurant will go dark November 17. Photo: Eric Laignel / Courtesy of Adour Alain Ducasse

Yet another big closing: While Alain Ducasse has been assembling a super-summit in Monte Carlo, his New York restaurant Adour has been struggling. And now the Times says Ducasse will close the restaurant after dinner on November 17.

Per FloFab, Ducasse says he’s “been considering this move since the spring.” You’ll recall that chef Didier Elena left the restaurant in February and his replacement, Julien Jouhannaud, refreshed the menu in April, but it sounds like the writing was on the wall by that time.

Given the timing, people are bound to compare this move to the closure of Joël Robuchon’s New York restaurant back in July. In fact, we’ll compare the two right now, since, on the surface anyway, the two restaurants — opulent French spots from hugely successful chefs operated in hotels — bear more than a passing similarity. Regardless of the reasons for this particular closing, it’s tough not to see this as yet another blow to a certain kind of white-tablecloth fine dining.

Alain Ducasse to Close Adour in New York [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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C’est Fini: Alain Ducasse Will Close Adour