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7-11’s Beer and Wine Shilling Plans Thwarted in Echo Park

Denied! Photo: Ralph Hockens/Flickr

The city just dumped a big old bag of salt right into 7-11’s game. The pervasive convenience chain has a sparkling new store just about ready to spring on Echo Park, a location that’s long been the subject of controversy, specifically centering on whether the store, often a hub for drunks and druggies, should be allowed to sling beer and wine. Today Echo Park Now reveals that the chain’s application to sell wine and beer was officially denied, citing the multiple opposition letters sent by neighbors, though 7-11 does have authorization to sell its sickening hot dogs 24 hours a day. So, will 7-11 stay in the neighborhood now?

In the past, 7-11 has said it would probably not open the store if denied the right to sling beer and wine, but there’s currently no word from the company on whether it will dismantle its shiny new operation following the decision. Considering the chain has very limited shelf space for craft beer and wallows only in crappy wine, this is hardly a loss to the neighborhood. Besides, the nearby Rite Aid has enough middling Miller and inferior Inglenook to keep the whole city satisfied. in any case, let’s hope 7-11 doesn’t take the news too badly and beat somebody up (again).

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7-11’s Beer and Wine Shilling Plans Thwarted in Echo Park