2013 Zagat Announces ‘Nine’ Best Restaurants in LA

Great for prom dates
Great for prom dates

18,450 people in Los Angeles think the best LA restaurants are either Italian or Japanese. The same people also don’t ever drive east of Vine St, and consider Long Beach LA. While the 2011 Zagat was deemed “almost kinda right“, the 2013 seems to echo what the chefs have been saying: “Zagat’s will be utter crap.” With the merger of Frommers into Google, perhaps it’s time to start a deathwatch for Zagat. This year’s guide is so off-kilter we’re secretly begging for the French to reinvade LA. Maybe they’ll bring along some Normandy cidre. See below for complete list of winners.

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Full list of winners below:

1. Urasawa
3. Asanebo
4. Sushi Zo
5. Melisse
6. Piccolo
7. Matsushisa
8. Echigo
9. Providence
10. Angelini Osteria

2013 Zagat Announces ‘Nine’ Best Restaurants in LA