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Todd English Sued, Yet Again


At this point, Todd English is basically the Lindsay Lohan of the food world. The latest: English has been sued for back rent on his once-respectable Boston flagship restaurant, Olives, which had been closed for approximately 487 years because of a grease fire.

The restaurant reopened a few months ago; when we talked to English about it, he seemed downright optimistic. In fact, just last month, he was advertising for a new chef on Craigslist! But now he owes $723,000 in back rent, according to a claim filed in Suffolk Superior Court. According to the Boston Globe, English has refused to repay the debt. Meanwhile, he’s also in trouble for failing to pay almost $1 million in rent on his now-closed Boston restaurant Kingfish Hall.

So, how does Big Head match up with Lindsay? They both get sued (or in Lohan’s case, arrested) on a nearly weekly basis. They’ve both been intimately acquainted with issues of thievery. They’ve both flirted with singing careers. They both suffered rocky childhoods. As far as we know, LiLo hasn’t tried to open her own oyster farm, but we’re sure Michael Lohan would be all for it. And they’re both mystifyingly prolific on Twitter.

Most of all, though, both of them had genuine talent once upon a time. And so,Todd, please get it together. Otherwise it’s just a matter of time before your family ends up on daytime TV, fist-bumping Dr. Phil.

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Todd English Sued, Yet Again