Tears For Beer Gardens

Bay Ridge Bar Owner Hopes to Ensnare ‘Hipsters’ With Tattoo Decorations, Hot Knishes

Uh-oh Photo: iStockphoto.com

A hundred years ago, New York beer gardens were great equalizers, places one could visit to fill up on five-cent lager and nondescript sausages before heading home to hard-boil eggs for the next morning. Now beer gardens are the site of pissing matches and bans on children. Meanwhile, the “hipsters” are fleeing to Bay Ridge, according to the Brooklyn Paper, so the former firefighter who owns Ho’ Brah Tacos has just secured the lease of a former locksmith’s shop where, next year, he plans to open — wait for it — the Lockyard.

“A lot of different-looking people have been coming into the Kettle Black and they are definitely not from Bay Ridge,” Casatelli says. “We’re getting people from Nebraska, Ohio, California, and they were all wearing the hipster uniform.” The article does not detail what exactly a hipster uniform involves, but Casatelli says the Lockyard will ultimately “look like somebody’s backyard” and have interior design based on Sailor Jerry tattoos. The menu will consist of meat and knishes, and growlers will be sold. No word on the hard-boiled egg situation, though.

Ridge barman gets beer garden ready for neighborhood ‘hipster invasion’ [Brooklyn Paper]
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Bay Ridge Bar Owner Hopes to Ensnare ‘Hipsters’ With Tattoo