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Tertulia Adds Weekday Breakfast, With Help From Dominique Ansel

Spend your morning here.
Spend your morning here.

Well, here’s some awesome news: NYC’s new weekday power-breakfast destination is none other than Tertulia, and the cherry on top is that Seamus Mullen has teamed up with pastry chef Dominique Ansel. The latter is baking a delicioso-sounding “croissant Ibérico” specially for the restaurant, with lard in the dough and jamón Ibérico and Mahón cheese stuffed inside. Mullen himself is fixing “breakfast bocadillos” filled with things like eggs, ham, or anchovies; also, churros and tortilla Espanola. There are newspapers and free Wi-Fi for those who want to hang around, which means we know where your morning Grub Street will now be broadcasting from. See the menu below.

Spend your morning here.
Spend your morning here.


Zumo natural
Fresh squeezed orange juice

Zumo verde
Parsley, kale, ginger, apple, lemon and honey

Café solo, café cortado, café con leche
Espresso, Macchiato, Latte

Toasted Filone bread with whipped butter and housemade preserves or olive oil and chocolate

Crispy fried dough

Croissant de Chocolate
Chocolate croissant

Croissant Ibérico
Ibérico ham and Mahon cheese croissant

Yogur, fruta y granola
Homemade yogurt with Battenkill milk, toasted nuts and grains, dried fruit and seasonal fruit

Tortilla Española
Egg, potato and onion

Bocadillo de Anchoa
Finger sandwich with Cantábrico anchovies, goat butter, sliced egg

Bocadillo de Jamón Ibérico
Finger sandwich with Ibérico ham, potatoes, crushed egg

Tertulia Adds Breakfast, With Help From Dominique Ansel