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Bondir Gets Its First Sous Chef

The new sous.
The new sous. Photo: Bondir

Jason Bond announces that Rachel Miller has snagged the title of inaugural sous chef at his oft-lauded Bondir: “She is the person I chose as my first Sous Chef at Bondir because she earns the title. She knows what it means and she works for it. Everything she does is focused on making Bondir a better place to dine and to work. She is helping us all grow and push forward,” he writes on his website.

She got her start working at her dad’s donut shop in Mississippi; ultimately, she landed in Boston at the Alchemist Lounge and at Beacon Hill Bistro, where Bond worked at the time. Her specialty? Butchery. Congratulations, chef! We have just one question: How did he function without a sous chef ‘til now?

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Bondir Gets Its First Sous Chef