Rob Levitt on His Favorite Cuts; Plus Signing/Hog Butchering With Ruhlman Oct. 19

The Butcher & Larder’s Rob Levitt has a guest post at Michael Ruhlman’s blog today, talking about the enjoyment that his customers get from rediscovering all the variety of meats that he offers:

We sell a lot of great stuff at the shop, but rarely do customers glow more than telling us of the, “Best burger EVER…” Or perhaps a roasted chicken, a pot roast or a pot of tomato “gravy” made with pork neck bones (finally—someone has these…). For the slightly more adventurous the tale might be of their first links of homemade sausage and often I stand and listen to the story of the guy recently gifted with a Big Green Egg go into the most intimate details of his first smoked pork shoulder.

Levitt will also host a signing and whole hog butchering session for Ruhlman’s and Brian Polcyn’s new book Salumi at Floriole Cafe and Bakery on October 19. He will have a Catalpa Grove Berkshire hog and talk about butchering and salumi-making; there will be tastings of Chef Polcyn’s charcuterie and Virtue Cider will provide drinks. The cost is $95 and includes a copy of the book, or you can win one of 10 tickets, as Levitt describes at his blog:

In a tweet (140 characters to @butcherlarder) tell of the first time you realized food mattered. I’m not looking for sustainability cheerleaders or tale of the first time you cooked something sous vide. I want to hear about you standing on a stepstool to reach the counter and work side by side with your grandma and aunt to make the family ravioli. The first time you made Grandma’s Sunday gravy for your family and knew the tradition would live on. I want to hear about how food brings joy, because if it didn’t, if we only ate to survive, Charcuterie and Slaumi would have died in the New World. But it didn’t.

The same weekend Ruhlman and Polcyn will also be at this event at EL Ideas, as previously reported. []

Rob Levitt on His Favorite Cuts; Plus Signing/Hog Butchering With Ruhlman Oct.