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Rihanna Orders A Smile on the Rocks At Giorgio Baldi; Katy Perry Fights With John Mayer at Madeo

Rihanna Photo: MikeARB/Flickr

Unfortunately, no one else got high at Baja Fresh this week. Wait, we take that back. No one else of note got high again this week at Baja Fresh, at least that we heard about. However, actress Amanda Bynes did get herself into a fender bender last night while leaving a West Hollywood parking lot, though the blame appears to be more on TMZ than THC this time around. In other celebrity dining news, Rihanna busted her grill on the crowd at Giorgio Baldi, Katy Perry and John Mayer had a lover’s spat after dinner at Madeo, and Janet Jackson staved off the shakes at the opening of Dylan’s Candy Bar. All this and more below.

Baskin Robbins: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck took their kids for ice cream in Santa Monica. In other majorly important news, the barbacoa dude at Olympic Mercado recently said we look just like Affleck, breaking our hearts over his smoky lamb head. [Just Jared]

Casa Vega: Kendra Wilkinson and her fellow MENSA member girlfriends enjoyed margaritas and tacos on a recent Thursday, while Dakota Fanning came by with her family for lunch the next day. Megan Fox and Brian M.C. Austin Green also stopped by yesterday. [GS]

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Janet Jackson celebrated the opening of The Grove’s huge new candy emporium, which must be relieved Michael’s no longer around to stalk its target clientele. [Celebuzz]

Giorgio Baldi: Rihanna kept it gully by flashing her gold grill at her favorite restaurant. Do you think she live here? [The Sun]

Sweet Rose Creamery: Band camper Alyson Hannigan grabbed a scoop in Brentwood with her family. [Just Jared]

Madeo: Katy Perry and John Mayer had a fight following dinner. [The Sun]

Napa Valley Grille: Sofia Vergara caught lunch yesterday, eating chicken kale salad with a male companion who tucked into the “Larry Burger.” [GS]

Pink Taco: Demi Lovato and Niall Horan did a little horan around of their own at The Sunset Blvd. restaurant. [L.A. Late]

Supper Club: Chris Brown beat a quick retreat from the Hollywood dining and show venue. [Just Jared]

Rihanna Orders A Smile on the Rocks At Giorgio Baldi; Katy Perry Fights With