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Ricardo Zarate Planning Paiche, A Westside Cevicheria

Zarate Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The Daily Meal reports that Picca chef-owner Ricardo Zarate plans to open a new Marina del Rey restaurant sometime in the early part of 2013. This one will be a straight-up cevicheria concept, authentically adhering to what one finds on the streets of Lima. Tentatively named “Paiche,” after the massive Amazonian river fish Zarate is now serving at Mo-Chica’s second incarnation, this is similarly giant news, not only for L.A. and the chef’s legion of fans, but for Marina del Rey, which is yet to really have a chef-driven restaurant quite of this caliber.

Zarate, who is practically peerless in the way he’s both honoring and evolving Peruvian recipes and flavor profiles, also says he’d love to expand to other cities like Chicago and San Francisco, but is wise enough to know he needs to focus on his tasks at-hand instead of pursuing global domination. “It took me 20 years to get where I am. I’m taking it step by step,” he says.

Ricardo Zarate Opening Paiche Cevicheria in Los Angeles [The Daily Meal]

Ricardo Zarate Planning Paiche, A Westside Cevicheria