At Long Last, Pizza Brain Arrives

Pizza Brain
Pizza Brain Photo: Pizza Brain

Since first announced back in January 2011, Pizza Brain, Brian “Brain” Dwyer’s, ahem, brainchild that brings together his passion for pizza and his vast collection of pizza gewgaws that have earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, has racked up a tremendous amount of press. Time NPR, and most recently the New York Times have all devoted time and space to the unlikely pizzeria and pizza museum concept. And finally, at long last, it opens tonight on Frankford Ave., sharing space with already-opened Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s global headquarters.

As promised, the space is loaded with pizza memorabilia, ranging from records and movie posters to various forms of Dominoes Pizza’s erstwhile nemesis the Noid and a cluster of TVs mounted above the counter and tuned to pizza programing. There’s also a “Pizzalebrity” wall of fame mural painted by Hawk Krall. According to early reports the pizzas are awesome. And for tonight’s grand opening expect pizza (duh), belly dancing, music, magic, hair cuts, and free beer courtesy of Barry’s Homebrew Outlet. An official ribbon cutting ceremony kicks off the festivities at 4:30 p.m.

Pizza Brain, 2313-2311 Frankford Avenue, no phone yet.

At Long Last, Pizza Brain Arrives