New York Post Nails L.A.

We love it!
We love it! Photo: Bonita la Banane/Flickr

Last week, The Wall Street Journal lost its damned mind while making unsubstantiated claims about L.A.’s dining scene. This week, The New York Post almost falls over itself in a 180 turnaround in a story titled: “Los Angeles is the Future,” even—Gasp!—telling its New York brethren to “check” themselves. Now this we like!

The story nails some of the city’s most thrilling places to nosh, shouting out the goodies at Mercado Olympic, Mo-Chica, Spice Table, and Baco Mercat.

Of course, that’s just the Downtown news. The story makes a point, as all visitors should, of spreading out, discussing a few of the assets to be uncovered in Mid-City, Venice, and Hollywood.

Fonuts still makes the cut and Koreatown gets the shaft, but it’s a big improvement on the usual claptrap we get when outsiders discuss our city, especially when noting “Los Angeles stopped giving a damn what you or we or anyone else had to say.” Well, maybe just a just a little bit of a damn… [NY Post]

New York Post Nails L.A.