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Who’s Ming Tsai Voting for in November?

Barack Obama, says Ming. He also has some words of wisdom for the GOP, according to The Braiser, who caught up with him at the Mario Batali Foundation’s fund-raiser at New York City’s Del Posto last eve. “I’m a big Barack Obama fan, and I certainly voted for Clinton as well. I say this, and I have lots of friends who are Republican, because half the country is, right? If you have money, take care of the people who don’t have money,” he says. Right on, Mr. Tsai!

He’s less enthusiastic about the Red Sox (they’re doing “horrible,” he says) and the current state of the environment (“If we continue what we’re doing, environmentally, polluting, overfishing, all this stuff, it’s going to be a very different world. That’s not fair to our great-grandchildren”).

On a happier note, if Obama wins in November, maybe he’ll throw a victory party at his new Blue Dragon?

Ming Tsai on Obama, the Red Sox, and Hipster Chefs [Braiser]
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Who’s Ming Tsai Voting for in November?