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Michelin Inspectors Call Wood Tavern ‘Delish’ and Bouche ‘Uneven’

Shhh. We still have no clue who the inspector are.
Shhh. We still have no clue who the inspector are.

It’s time again to check in on our anonymous local Michelin inspectors, of whom there are three (we do not know their genders) and who collectively tweet at @MichelinGuideSF. The past couple weeks have found them all over the Bay, but below we have a couple highlights from their dining. The new 2013 guide, by the way, comes out next month, and all their star decisions have likely been made by now.

• First off, at least one of them loves Wood Tavern in Oakland. “Wood Tavern is always packed, and rightfully so. The black mission fig tart with prosciutto, hazelnuts, mache and blue cheese was delish!”

• They like the “narrow front counter” at Bouche (603 Bush Street), and they find chef Nicolas Borzee’s food “interesting, but uneven.”

• One of them had a mid-August meal at the new Pläj (and even managed to get that special character to show up on Twitter), and found themselves in the middle of an empty dining room. They had compliments for the kumla with lingonberry sauce.

• And it’s a rave for Izakaya Yuzuki (598 Guerrero): “really liked everything I tried at Izakaya Yuzuki recently; stuffed myself silly on great tsukune, mackerel sashimi, & azuki bean paste.” Maybe they’ll get a Bib Gourmand this year?

• As for the Mission’s most buzzed about opening of the spring, it sounds like they’re more impressed by the scene than the food: “Central Kitchen was buzzing with private parties and tons of foodies… the lemon cake with nectarines was the standout dish for me.”

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Michelin Inspectors Call Wood Tavern ‘Delish’ and Bouche