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Mexikosher’s New Habanero Paleta Even Made Its Chef Cry

Tanube catches a hot lick
Tanube catches a hot lick Photo: MeixKosher

MexiKosher chef Katsuji Tanabe has a new mango-habanero paleta up his sleeves, served only through the month of September at $2.50 a pop. The thing is so hot that even the Mexican chef has trouble handling it, as you can see above. Tanabe, who prefaces, “I’m Mexican and I grew up with spicy food, the spicier the better,” also tells Grub Street, “The first time I tasted it, I cried like a little girl and frightened the two kids that were in the restaurant. After tasting it, MY WIFE informed me that I would not be selling these to kids…18 and over only!”

Now he’s even daring people to come in and try it, telling all iron tongues that if they can finish one, they’ll earn a gift card for a free entree on their next visit. The chef has more mellow frozen fruit paletas in his custom cart, too, just in case you want to bring an audience along with you to watch your agonizing attempts at eating the first popsicle that might make you melt before it does. Tanabe agrees some company might be good idea, telling us” those that come in and try it should probably come with someone to drive them home.”

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Mexikosher’s New Habanero Paleta Even Made Its Chef Cry