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LAUSD Lunches Get Better Grades, But Now Kids Want Bigger Plates

LAUSD just can’t win. Trying to melt a little flabber off of our future leaders, the school system replaced the grub our own band of little rascals dismissed as frozen “county food” with a healthier selection of black bean burgers and pad Thai that the lucky first-world children widely panned, even though shunning corn dogs and chicken nuggets actually seems to be working. This year, LAUSD is embracing a new menu heavy on local produce, with dishes that are getting better marks than the ones introduced last year. The only problem? Now kids are complaining there’s not enough of the stuff.

NBC spoke to a couple of moms and students, two of which say they like the food, but “Sometimes they give you one little piece of chicken…sometimes it’s not enough.” Parents are chiming in too, with one mother explaining that she sends her little chub-bucket to school with a bagged lunch to supplement the one offered by the system.

Still, the kids don’t seem to be collapsing or anything, as a group of insatiable Kansas high school brats are implying in a new video called “We Are Hungry,” set to the tune of “We Are Young.”

Instead, it seems the kids are just adjusting to a new way of eating less, one that isn’t crusty with fried skin and dripping in grease. When the same LAUSD kids complaining over the small portions were asked if they were going hungry, the kids adorably answered, “No, not most of the time. After lunch we just go and play.”

“We’re Still Hungry!” Student Lunches Leave Stomachs Rumbling [NBC]

LAUSD Lunches Get Better Grades, But Now Kids Want Bigger Plates